Locus caters to a child’s requirements, delivering tailored therapeutic solutions.


We helped this company provide tailored therapeutic solutions for the physical, emotional, and cognitive development of children through extraordinary mobile apps


Mobile App Development


React Native


UI, UX Design + Development

01 The


Locus had to cater to a wide range of users, including children with various developmental disorders, their parents, and therapists. Each group had distinct requirements and expectations. Safeguarding sensitive user data, especially of children, was a paramount concern. Compliance with privacy regulations like COPPA (Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act) was essential. Making the app accessible to children with disabilities or special needs was crucial. This required careful design and user interface considerations.

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Our mobile app development team conducted thorough user research to understand the needs of children, parents, and therapists. This insight guided the creation of a user-centric design that was both engaging and effective. Stringent data encryption and compliance measures were implemented to protect user data. Regular security audits ensured the app met privacy regulations. The app was designed with a modular architecture, allowing easy integration of a wide range of therapeutic content.

03 Implementation

The development of The DC Civil Rights Tour App proceeded through the following stages:

Development Team:

A multidisciplinary team of developers, designers, child psychologists, and therapists collaborated to create the Locus Mobile App.

Agile Development:

Agile development methodologies were employed to adapt to evolving requirements and incorporate user feedback during development.

Testing and Feedback:

Rigorous testing, including usability testing with children, was conducted throughout development. User feedback was collected and incorporated iteratively.


The app was launched on both, Android and iOS platforms, with a marketing campaign targeting parents, therapists, and educational institutions.

04 The


The development of the Hook4Hire mobile app presented various challenges that were successfully addressed through innovative solutions and a collaborative approach. The resulting app not only met but exceeded client expectations, leading to its rapid adoption and success in the freelance services market. The app’s architecture accommodated a growing user base without performance degradation.

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